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Ice MC

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Lyrics to Funkin' With You
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Funkin' with you funkin' with you, I'm funkin' tune in close because i wanna tell ya something Ice MC can keep a riddim steady pumpin' I'm no MC who rhyms like a pumpin' long ago when I was a teenager I lived a life, I lived a life of danger Robbin' and ting 'cause the society made ya me to a job was like metting a stranger I'm funkin' with you F.U.N.K.I.N. I'm funkin' with you, funkin' with you After a year of this special training the ice was set free but I was still complaining the situations worse oh yes it's worse the situation would've been better off with a different education my mother and my father they were born in jamaica I haven't been there yed I hope to visit there later know where I'm coming from and know where I'm going I'm a britaican as I grow it is showing I'm funkin' with you... Eventually finally I got it together and I won't stop rocking no way no doubt so this is a shout goin' out for all the louses who don't know what rap music is about I didn't get a chance to say exactly what I wanted long ago so now it is my chance just tune in close 'cause now I'm getting paid and laid don't be afraid I'm getting paid for my lyrics take a double dose 'caused wasn't before now things have changed and I'm jumpin' like jack flash but with you I am funkin' time after time after rhyme after rhyme ya try to put me down 'cause I'm gettin' mine I wan't pay you no mind I just call back on my blackness protected by a wall man you cannot attack this but I attack and my piece will go boom nah I'm just funkin' with you

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