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Lyrics to Funeral of a Dead Soul
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[Russian lyrics - English translation:]

Caravan of souls is going by ghostly walk
Through the fog, not touching the ground.
Sun is hidden for them forever,
They will never see the light.

Clouds covered starless sky,
the wind sang the sad song.
Wolves wailed, accompanying in darkness
Those who didn't want to live in the light.

In black clothes keepers of souls
lead in Hades souls without bodies.
Lead to imprison them in hell till the court,
Lead those, who wanted to live without God.

Years flow, as waters of river,
Life gone, as a moment,
Their bodies were given to the ground,
and dead souls are going into oblivion.

The tsars and the slaves are striding one near another,
great warriors, thief and executioner,
Riches and power couldn't save them.
Only frantic cry is heard in the valley.

Wind is crushing the ashes,
Where are the glory and the names?
And ahead are only torture and fear
in the lake of fire.

And heaven cried out at the threshold of the end,
the rainstorm fell on the ground from heavens.
And drops of rain, like a tears of father,
fell to the godless, misplaced forest.

But remember - while you have a breath,
and while your heart is beating in your chest,
While your body have soul and mind,
you can save your undead soul.
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