Lyrics to Funeral
Funeral Video:
Men in black, line to eternity
They know the fate of he who has passed
No matter what he could do in life
It was his fate to be the first of the last

Now he goes to the end of it all
While the men carry on his burden now
And all the while this is happening
The women he loved just wonder how?

\"How could this happen to the one I love?\"
It\'s all too easy when you\'re like him
\"Why was it him and not someone else?\"
The specter of death takes who he likes at whim
\"So now what do I do, I have NOTHING now?\"
Live for your sake, don\'t dwell for too long
\"But how can I do that, would that really be right?\"
To not do otherwise would be the most wrong

The coffin is lowered, the prayer is said
But it won\'t reach him, nothing can help anymore
He already traveled across an arduous sea
And now he\'s walking on the rocky, jagged shore

Back in the reality, shattered dreams come true
The dirt is cast, the vision of fate is real
But no longer will anyone struggle with themselves
Because that would deprive them of the ability to feel

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