Lyrics to Fun Box
Fun Box Video:
The idiot box is controlling me
the difference between right and wrong
is what the media is telling me
that I've been blurring them ALL A-LONG
let's forget that for now I thought I learned
what morals were but I don't remember
how through all the years of conditioning
I still a thought that what I learned
don't mean a thing except the bullshit
that we bought and I don't want a world
that I live where I'm taught
to buy and never to give I wanna be fair
but we're taught how to fight for what they say
is best because TV said it was right
all night losing sleep values taught
but not to keep because we're all wrong
and nobody's right (IT'S TIME TO FIGHT!)
thought it might be wrong
but what the fuck is right?
I don't know where I stand real life or neverland? The
TV is bright
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