Full Spectrum Dominance Lyrics


Arrival of the Red Sun

Lyrics to Full Spectrum Dominance
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Something is closing in
That you did fail to see
You cannot win
For you will fucking suffer me
A fire burning through my skin
Running through a fallen empire
Now it's time for a final sin
I give in to my desire
Strength is nothing, will is all
Smoking bombs outside your door
Let us go to war

Welcome to the battlefront

Scum of the earth
For what was it worth
To follow the way of loaded guns the fire burns like a thousand suns
In for the chill, ready to kill
As the thunder reigns the sky
Unleash my anger
Hold your banner high
As the pulse of the world flatlines
By the blinding light ride the waves of the nuclear tide

I'm in for the chill, ready to kill
I give in to my desire
I cannot live for nothing
Better to die for something
For it is coming
The final judgment and now behold the perfect romance
Full spectrum dominance

Now you will know what it's like to suffer
Now it is time for a final sin
For I cannot live without my desire
It is better to die
Ready for war, ready to fight
Ready to kill, ready to die
Full spectrum dominance
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