Lyrics to Full House
Full House Video:
Pinch, rip, slip the pack
and lay down for soft play
Smear the hand you're dealt
Two pairs unparalleled
A Jack-King trade could tame
the flush across her face
Full-ring spread, no shame
Yet hardly glamorous

It's never one to one with a Croupier
(Little Girls, Chevalier)
A double gun shot dealt by Du Maurier
(Fontaine and Olivier)

Who knew lady luck
could suck out junk that way?
Bleeding chips for play
A big slick finished quick
But action buttons may
with add ons the wrong way
Double dip, low split
A big slick finished quick

A back-door encore conjures a crying call
(A hustler never reveals all)
A forced move F├╝hrer squanders a full-withdraw
(Take it like Lauren Bacall)
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