Lyrics to Full Circle
Full Circle Video:
Something in the eyes of this stranger at the door / Like a ghost from other times / Do I regognize...? Yes, I knew you once before / It was written that we'd find ourselves together / It was written that our love would last forever / It was obvious that our paths would cross / Tho' our journeys have taken us far / We're back where we started from again / The wheels have turned around / Full circle / Seeing you as you really are / Knowing that you've always been a friend / (The cycles here end ) / We meet on commonground / Now we've come around / Full circle

Tell me about the places you've been travelling thru / Tell me 'bout the sights you've seen / As you talk, as I glaze, I'm unravelling you / If it's written, then nothing can affect it / It was written thet we'd always be connected / It was obvius that our paths would cross

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