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they've gone past remorse
I was really on track
til I went off course
they don't like what I say
all the things I endorse
bit the lack and put me down
like an old race horse

and I'm feeling depressed
(please, please)
enthuse my topic
and say what I feel

People look at me funny
cos everytime that I stare
I realize
people don't like who I am

so was it mean?
Give me something
I'm out here getting hungry
say, was it me?
gimme something
I'm out here getting hungry

I wanna be like those saints
Like John and Jenks
but I feel like those saints
could never make it today
that's how I feel

So if I'm a prophet
just go on and tell me
I'd love to tell you
all of the things that I feel

Facebook's the same
twitter's always the same
you either up they tour schedules
or you play up insane
so I'll spill out my brain
tell you just how I feel
but every time I do that
I hear the same shit
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