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Lyrics to Fucking With The Altimeter
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Give me some love.

God save us all.

No more flowers for you.
So when you see an empty face you'll know it's supposed to be a clue.
Not just a mishap some kind of creep forgot.

Now, tell me, how does paralysis feel?
Like you're trapped in a light beam part of the atom stream that oozes down through the glass.
Enough for me, you can't penetrate my physical field .

Zip with silver airplanes quivering down.
Under the fuselage.
Elementary aeronautics ground.
Look at me now i'm a wreck.

How 'bout a kiss?

My oxygen's lost in those lungs again.
Somebody give me my oxygen.
I need to breath.
Before I forget.
i'm going into oxygen debt.

I think your flesh is separated from the sins it commits and that explains why you smile when you balance on your stack of regrets.
Nobody's with you this time.

How does it feel?

One flight down the aeronaut was found.
Under the fuselage.
Friends leave before we feed the carnivore.
Look at me now i'm a wreck.

Such a pretty bird
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