Lyrics to Fuck You
Fuck You Video:
It was a week ago or maybe it was 2
since you stood at my door and said we're through
I dont really mind that you walked away
I always hated how you chose to stay
i think about now and i think again
i shoulda listened when you said lets just be friends
I love you
i miss you
i need you
where are you
I spent a lotta time just trying to make you mine
and all these things i do, you know i did them all for you
i cant help it miss
its you i wanna fist
i say these things to you
hey baby darling dear... fuck you
It was 3 years ago or maybe it was 5
i hope youre doing well or at least alive
so many years have passed sinfce i seen your face
so many hours i spent here living in disgrace
my friends say get a life and move on with your own
but its hard to move when i think you're coming home to me
I love you
I miss you
I need you
so fuck you
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