Lyrics to Fuck you
Fuck you Video:
the song is every mutha fucka
want to fuck me

just say first the bitches
ja rule and fred durst to
the freakes want to fuck me
and com and winn again im a
renegade of the henegade
ja s ass on the aniyfade
fuck limp bizkit ass fame
everlast fuck hum
fred and the bitches
fuck that

my name is em rap is game men
send me agains me hurt me
and want fuck me fuck you
and the pussy crew
hey ja bitch gay rule city
you lp is school your style is
95 p.diddy
tv to the
fuckin bitch word to the hurt
mutha fucka pussy ass sord
irv gotti bitchass down want me
she a bitch not a gr.i.p
bitch mutha fucka
lil ass cocksucker
fuck ashlanti with a rubber
ja rule dog father sucker
shady on the top
and the murda bitches a fuckin
splitt flop on the mopp
return bitch i rap right shit
and your bitch shit soul bitch
in da house fuck murda and
the muthafuckin bitch ass kurda
kurtis shit rappussy
and muthafuckin rockstar
cadillac want battle me haha
i fuck how bitches 1.2 and 3
irv,gay rule and cadillac fucka
fargott sucka on the
blocka to the ass mutha fucka

fuck nelly and the destiny kelly
not makavelli lunatic marys
bitch dirt style bitches with
carey m. everbody fuck up bitch
i win the final on 2002
i vs you bitch more money
to you pussy bitch fuck lunatic
honey have funny without your mami
cry me with jt
work it suck it playboy hoe
rock n it dick ass fit bitch
murphis ass on the bass
want fuck bitch trasst
south shit around p sound
shady kill you bitch
im the king you are not rich
fuck lunatic and no limit to
goes home and fuck you too bitch
and the lunatic crew fuck you

us sond is the best
me,50,dre and all the rest
obie and joe bleast

fuck the bravehearts sweet
hearts and bitch ass nas beat
style is sleepwalk on work
jay kill you kork
and i too im dre fuck you
and the shady crew all too

slim to the rule killa shady
west to the east
fuck murda
fuck nelly ville
fuck everybody
fargott ass mutha fucka
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