From Cradle To Grave Lyrics

One King Down

God Loves, Man Kills

Lyrics to From Cradle To Grave
From Cradle To Grave Video:
born to die born into the life of a slave breaking our backs for an early grave living a
live of toil and woe then we die, that's how the story goes to know one's place never step
out of line this rule is set in stone never changing throughout time born to die, born into
service wasting our youth, seving no purpose born to die taking it back, what is dictated
that i give living my life, not dying to live i'll tear it down, break free of this anchor
turn it around create a life that i will horor i wasn't born just to die i'll savor the
treasures of life while i can i wasn't born just to die we weren't born just to die
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