Lyrics to From Aspic To Zoo
From Aspic To Zoo Video:
He swam across the channel

Parasols extended high above his head

Cautious of the animals

Who had reason to believe

They all had right to feed

Upon his failing legs

July fifth for all God's people

A summer death for Robert Cleveland

Laid to rest in Amphitritie's arms

Blanket church bell laughter ringing

Starting children's choirs singing

Little tenors singing from the heart.

We will part but I'll always keep you close to my heart

Blindly sunshine beaming

on a slightly greening garden past the car

A quiet summer evening

Gently being drowned by a thousand worker's sounds

In the sweetest labor

Keeping bees was just a hobby

Although the honey was good for his body

A lonely life but it helped sustain his art

Although the bees won't be receiving

Further keeping from Mr. Cleveland

They'll continue each to do their part

We will part but I'll always keep you close to my heart

Everyday people returning back to that from which they came

Understand things couldn't be any other way

A summer's night contently sinking through the deep without a fight

Doing his part helping nature restore order through its art.
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