Lyrics to Friendship
Friendship Video:
Friends are the most precious thing
a person can ask for
So if you have a lot of them
Consider yourself a lucky person
Cuz it's not the case for everyone
A true friend is hard to find
A person you can say anything
When you're feeling good, when you're feeling bad
He's always there for you
And you know you can count on him
As you're getting older a danger is getting you
As years pass by you can forget your friends
Change of direction, change of motivation
Change of ideas, change of attitude
Hey you kids out there
Don't forget what I'm saying
Cuz you can wake up one day
Realising there's no one around
You, that use to be so popular
Now, you're looking at your phone
And there's no one to call anymore
So keep in touch
With your friends
Cuz some day
You will need them
To remember all the nice things you did
When you were kids
To remember all the crazy things you did
When you were teens
So keep in touch with you're friends
Don't let them fade away
Cuz some day you will need them
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