Lyrics to Friendship
Friendship Video:
Verse 1:you and i have a good friendship but you always r buggin to be around me all da time.But i cant have that cuz i need my space for privacy.You got to reach into ur soul and find a new way of being a good friend yh. Chorus:We have been good friends since little kids.We did dancin n singin together oh yh we did.Our friendship is strong enough to change the world so thats sayin we got a real good friendship oh yh we have. Verse 2:You have to reach into the power of our frienship n see that we do all good when we are not always in each others way.Look into our friendship book n you will see good we have a real good friendship. Chorus x2 Bridge:All three of us are real good as friends cuz we trust n believe in each other n we always have each others back oh yh we do.We are all so good friends to each other oh yh we are friends 4 life. Chorus to fade/end of song. published by jacqueline sarah smith 14 on may da 26 .Hope u like my lyrics .Ilove all ur songz n i am a real fan n i dink ur all peng bless anywayz n good luck in da future.

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