Friday The 13th Part 2 Lyrics


Bringing Back The Bloodshed

Lyrics to Friday The 13th Part 2
Friday The 13th Part 2 Video:
[Lyrics and Music by Maniac Neil]
[Based on the movie]

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

Kid out at night, splashing in puddles.
Jason walks towards a house.

Alice is having a nightmare,
Flashbacks of that fateful night
Awaken from slumber then talk to mother
In and out of the shower

Open the fridge, Mrs. Voorhees head
Jason comes from behind and "screws" her.

The counsellors come to town
Crazy Ralph warns them

He says "they're all doomed"
But they don't give a shit
They'll all soon know what "camp blood" is!

It's training time for these fucks
Paul is the boss

He tells them about the legend
And scares them half to death
If they only knew
How real the legend is

Crazy Ralph is outside
He's watching Paul and Ginny
Jason from behind
Strangles him with barbwire

Sandra and Jeff
Are curious about the legend

They go to Crystal Lake
And the Sheriff catches them
He bitches Paul out
And heads back to town

Jason runs across the road
The Sheriff goes after him

All through the woods
To Jason's shack
Clawhammer to the skull
He's dead with a whack

The counsellors go to town
Some stay behind
Terri gets naked and goes into the lake

Scott takes Terri's clothes
And runs into the woods
Booby trap set and he's hung into the woods

Jason comes along
And cuts his fucking throat
Terri finds Scott
And Jason kills her too

Vicky and Mark
Are gonna have sex
Vicky goes to her cabin
To freshen up her shit

[Digestor chorus part]
"I'm back from the lake
To kill and mutilate
I use various tools
For disposing these fools

In my rusty shack
They beheaded my Mother
Now I must attack

One by one they die
They never know why
Machete across the throat
Barbwire I use to choke

Mom's severed head
Shrine to the dead
Telling me to chop
I will never stop!"

Jeff and Sandra
Up stairs to have sex
Jason comes in and
Impales them to the bed

Perfume on her pussy
Mark looks for Vicky
Dull side of a machete
Into his fucking face

Wheeling down the stairs
Mark you fucking gimp!
You almost got some action
But now you're fucking dead!

Upstairs Vicky
Finds the bodies
Jason takes a knife
And stabs her in the gut

[Digestor chorus part]

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

Paul and Ginny arrive
Back at the camp
They look for everybody
But they're all dead

Out of the shadows
Jason's on the attack
Ginny escapes and
Finds Jason's shack

In a room Mrs. Voorhees' head
Put on the sweater
And pretend you're Mother

She tries to kill him
But he knows what's up
Here comes Paul
They struggle and fight

Machete in his neck
Jason falls onto the floor
Comes off the burlap sack
They look in total horror

They think he's dead and gone
They couldn't be more wrong
Back to the cabin
To find Terri's dog Muffin

Is everything OK?
Can we all go home?
No fucking way
Here comes Jason through the window!

Ending with a scream
Was it all a dream?
Calling out for Paul
Is he dead after all?
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