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Lyrics to Fresher Than You
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Fresher Than You Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Alright... Alright look.
Man it feels good to be back on the scene again,
And I'm leanin,
Back with the cleanest hands,
And I'm dreaming,
Or was that just put on this necklace, wrist, glice,
You wish that this was you but it's not, do what I want and you can't stop me so move it along,
(Move it along) Flys are plain if you don't mind me sayin but I'm far from plain, yo let me explain,
I got bapes on my feet, oh, skateboard Tee, oh, a fiftynine fifty and this face to the east,
I don't even walk to the whip no more, chicks just pick me up and carry me to my car.
Hardy Har, everyday is martigra I party hard when they see me chicks losin there bra, When it's small from the start keep there heart and there jaw, when I walk through the mall all they saying is, "Awww"

[Chorus: x2]
The price of my Nikes, niggas can't buy these, homie I'm fresher than you,
To find another nigga like me is highly unlikly, we baking cake and eatin to, And I know

[Verse 2:]
Let's gone paper plane fly, clean there mics with there toothbrush,
Clean scuff it with a new buck, Lambskin suade on my sseats in my new truck,
Mini-truckers on my back trunk, shit lifts up,
Cake fresh doughboys stuff, clean jeans, fresh T's, punk shoestrings, all that stuff
I'm pitching game bro, know you can't hit that stuff,
And I'm a through a curve if I got a sick change-up,
And that's a daily dose of BASS(bass),
With the ball to the wall, knock it off the top bleacher, we can ball till' we fall, them shoes I got on you can't catch em in the mall,
I'm hitting for 350 ain't nobody got em on, NINJA
But you prolly seen em on me, black with the gun so the automode is limegreen, that chain on my chest rests fresher then my rhyme sceme bakin cake daily in my fresh cake bakery.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
GOD, look at this dude and the way he floss, I walk my dog and everybody applous,
I think they apploud because floss so hard, I floss so hard I almost lost my teeth,
It was brief and I'm in disbelief but when you walk like me ain't just call the police,
When they call the police I just move my feet, and then flee like a bug on the TOG,
I'm from a different pedigree than most, so it's only right for me to boss, Likes a game show, Yay know?
I'm a be the host, Regis Fillman, who wants to be a millionair,
Call me "Nike World" I got a MILLION AIRS,
Need a Million there, a million there, You know how the green go all in between I'm a fiene, you don't know what I mean read the lingo, Or just check me out ya know?

[Chorus x2]
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