Lyrics to Fresh as a Daisy
Fresh as a Daisy Video:
I'm fresh as a daisy, hard as a rock
Fit as a fiddle, proud as a cock
Bright as a button, sly as a fox
Shy as a violet and strong as an ox,
Light as a feather, blind as a bat
Mad as a hatter and nervous as a cat
Sweet as a cookie, pure as a dove
That means, Mister, I'm in love...!

I'm fresh as a daisy, tough as a stake
Mean as a miser, low as a snake
Scared as a rabbit, small as a might
Gay as a meadowlark, high as a kite
Wild as a tiger, drunk as a fool
Sour as a lemon and stubborn as a mule
Sharp as a razor, smooth as a glove
That means, Mister, I'm in love...!

I'm fresh as a daisy, quick as a flash
Slow as a tortoise, mixed as a hash
Fierce as a lion, meek as a lamb
Hot as a poker and cold as a clam
Dead as a doornail, dumb as a dolt
Spry as a kitten, and frisky as a colt
Good as an angel in heaven above
That means, partner, I'm in love...!

I'm fresh as a daisy, red as a beet

Green as a golf course, white as a sheet

Raw as an oyster, swung as a gait

Mild as a cigarette, it sure tastes great!

Foggy as London, rough as a buss

Solid as a stonewall and ornery as a cuss

Blue as the sky in the heaven up above
That means, Mister,

That's all, brother,

That's right, partner,

[All together]
We're in love!
Songwriters: PORTER, COLE
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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