Lyrics to Frequent Flyer
Frequent Flyer Video:
I think I'm coming down with a cold
My eyes are tired of the same old-same old
Taking the same train, doing the same thing
I gotta break the mundane, I got to be bold
Cause my shit's getting old
I got this voice in my brain
Telling me to pack my bags and take the next train
To a different place that's strange and unpredictable
Brand new faces look unfamiliar
There's a lot to lose, but much more to gain
I gotta leave this place or I'm 'a go insane
I'm gonna lose my screws and my screws are loose already
And my loose screws can't afford to be no looser, no no
I'd like to buy a ticket out of here
Anywhere but here, just get me out of here
I want to fly an airplane to anywhere in the world
I'm gonna check my worries at the gate
I'm gonna press my luck and count on my faith
And pray to God the world won't eat me alive
I'm gonna try my best and strive high
My oh my, I'm saying my bye bye
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