Freestyle Interlude Lyrics


Blunted On Reality

Lyrics to Freestyle Interlude
Freestyle Interlude Video:
*"Nappy heads" ringtone*

Pras: Hello?
Wyclef: Yo, Pras, it's me
Pras: Wyclef, what's the deal?
Wyclef: I'm just here at the car
Pras: What's the deal?
Wyclef: I'm here to listenin track number 2
Pras: Blunted on reality?
Wyclef: Yeah
Pras: OK, man, why you calling me?
Wyclef: I'm calling you to do a freestyle
Pras: For real?
Wyclef: Yeah
Pras: OK, man, you start
Wyclef: OK, yo, yo, check it out

*Wyclef raps into at the end*

*both laughs*
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