Freestyle #2 (Live From Tramps, New York / 1999) Lyrics


The Eminem Show (Expanded Edition)

Lyrics to Freestyle #2 (Live From Tramps, New York / 1999)
I'm wichu, I'm wichu
A'ight, yo-yo
Beat 'em in the head

Hand me an eighth, beam me up and land me in space
I'ma sit on top of the world and shit on Brandy and Ma$e
I'm more than ill
Scarier than a white person trapped in a room with Lauryn Hill
Human horror film
But with a lot funnier plot, and people that feel me
'Cause I'ma still be the Madd Rapper
Whether I got money or not
As long as I'm on pills, and I got plenty of pot
I'll be in a canoe paddlin', makin' fun of your yacht
But I would like an award
For the best rapper to get one mic in The Source
And a wardrobe I can afford
Otherwise I might just еnd up back striking at Ford
And you wonder what the fuck I need more Vicodin for?
Evеrybody's pissin' me off; even the No Limit Tank
Looks like a middle finger sideways flippin' me off
No shit I'm a great danger to my health
Why else would I kill you then jump in a grave and bury myself?