Freestyle #1 (Live From Tramps, New York / 1999) Lyrics


The Eminem Show (Expanded Edition)

Lyrics to Freestyle #1 (Live From Tramps, New York / 1999)
Alright, look, look, look, look
I'ma-I'ma say something so y'all hear me, alright?

Well, I do pop pills, I keep my tube socks filled
Then pop the same shit that got **** killed
Spit game to these hoes, like a soap opera episode
Then punch a bitch in the nose 'til her whole face explodes
There's three things I hate, girls, women, and bitches
I'm that vicious to walk up and drop-kick midgets
They call me Boogie Night, the stalker that walks awkward
Stick figured with a dick bigger than Mark Wahlberg
Coming through the airport, sluggish, walking on crutchеs
Then hit a fucking pregnant bitch in her stomach with luggagе
It's like a dream I can't black out, or back out, I'm back out
Lookin' for somebody ug' to beat the crap out
I'm bringing you rap singers two middle fingers
Flip you off in French, then translate it to English
Then I'ma vanish from the face of the planet and come back
Speaking so much Spanish, Pun can't even understand it

What you wanna do?
Y'all want to hear wild?
Look at this crazy motherfucker
I see some of y'all gettin' wild