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Lyrics to Freek'n You (Mr. Dalvin's Freak Mix)
Freek'n You (Mr. Dalvin's Freak Mix) Video:
(feat. Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killer)

[Verse One: Raekwon the Chef]

Yeah (yeah) word (uh)
Yeah (uh, yeah, uh)
You got stacks like the International House of Pancakes
The man makes, motion in bed, watch it stand straight
Your fat body, come and build with God-body
Hardly any chickenheads fake jacks, or rob by me
Youse a covergirl, livin well lady watch the chrome spin
Gorilla grill, check out the million dollar lady
GS spins, niggaz with all the wins
Babygirl slide and let the Lex-berg nigga massage your skin
What's your name? Lex, last name Diamonds
Icy earrings shining, what's your occupation crazy rhyming
Youse a queen killer, so I'ma fill you like Exxon
Wu and Jodeci is like cuz-ahns
You see me posted at the garden party
Sweat drippin on my fly shit, rollin with some niggaz robbin
What, thousand dollar links on
Yo, Shorty got money in the stash, get yo drink on

[Verse Two:]

Everytime I close my eyes, I wake up feelin so horny
Can't get you out of my mind, sexing you is all I need
I would do anything, to make you understand me
I don't give a damn about a thing, freek'n you is all I see

What must I?
(What must I say?)
Help me...
(What must I do?)

(To show how much)
I think about
(I think about freek'n you)
freek'n you babe

(What must I say?)
What must I do?
(What must I do?)
Help me...
(To show how much)
(I think about freek'n you)

(Tonight, I need your body)
I need your body
(Tonight, you've got my time)
Girl whatever you want, I would do it
(Tonight, you won't be sorry)
You, oh-ohhhhh
(Tonight, you've got my mind)
Ohhh, ohhh, yeahh, yeahh, shit

[Verse Three:]

I could go on for days, I couldn't go for weeks
I could even play with another body but it wouldn't last cuz I'm a freak
Ahhhhhh, everything you say, just adore everything you do
And now you want to close my eyes, all I want to freak is you

(What must I say?)
What must I say?
(What must I do?)
(To show how much)

(I think about freek'n you)

(What must I say?)
(What must I do?)
(To show how much)
(I think about freek'n you)

(Tonight, I need your body)
Need your body body babe
(Tonight, you've got my time) Every little second on my watch
(Tongiht, you won't be sorry) No, nononononono
(Tonight, you've got my mind)

Every freek'n night, and every freek'n day
I want to freek you baby, in every freek'n way, yes
Every freek'n day, and every freek'n night
I want to freek you baby, your body, so freek'n tight

[Verse Four: Ghostface Killer]

Sit back, kick up your feet upon my glass table
Grab the remote baby, check my niggaz on cable
I got the hey love album, plus Jodeci
Roll this up, the Easyrider near the ash tray
Full moons, skunk weed up all up in the room
You got the munchies, baby, ice cold milk and Lorna Dunes
How you like it baby? I like it on the sink
You freak me, butt-naked in a long mink
Yo, I like my power-U warm, study Islam
Play it off, if my wife call, you're my cousin Dawn
Solomon had many wives I see many thighs
Stab meat like knives, I tranked by your chinky eyes
You're razor baby, this a stick up, throw your legs up
You fake freak in the morning cuz at midnight, you gave up
You had me harder than a roll of quarters
You felt the snake-head, you can't cook, you can't fuck
Chick your act is dead
Hit the icebox wench, grab me a beer or
can't explain it no clearer, you be the one, lately starin in the mirror
Jodeci style, K-Ci
JoJo, Dalvin, DeVante
All day like Harry Belafonte, yo, yes y'all yes
Check it, it be the Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang
Jodeci joint, pullin ladies like a hamstring
Take the joint y'all, word up, ninety-six
The year two thousand going on like cousins
Take it out halfdozens, chickenheads I get to pluckin
Uhh, how you like me now baby?
Songwriters: Degrate, Donald Earle
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