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Lyrics to Freedom Park
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Broken bottles, broken glass
$5 baggies on the ground
And the evening sky rising high above
This forgotten place we found
Sirens wail back in the canyons
We fled here to escape
And I hold your hand and feel you shiver
As the winter swirls around your face

On this January Sunday
We watch the airplanes fly away
As they rise up from the airport
Above the Meadowlands Highway
See their reflections in the river
Sliding by us cool and dark
Like tiny silver fish
They ride the current wish
Away from Freedom Park


Someday someday
We're gonna look down
Upon this strip of cold concrete
And remember, remember, remember the sound
Of broken bottles beneath our feet
As we crash through heaven's tollbooth
In our fleeting getaway car
And pick apart this town
Until we're looking down into this Freedom Park

We share a Milky Way in quiet
As we walk out past the spot
Where there used to be a swing set
Where a little girl got shot
I know you're thinkin about your brother, Richard, too
I wish we could bring him back
As the wind toots on a liquor bottle
Inside a paper sack

"Now put your gloves on girl," you hear me say
My arm slippin around your waist
"Its cold as hell" I hear me say
As the dusk becomes this place
Then we're listenin' to a fading jet
Slip up into the dark
And without a word we turn around
And walk outta Freedom Park

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