Lyrics to Freedom Is Slavery
Freedom Is Slavery Video:
I'm free to choose between pepsi and coke. isn't life here swell (fuckin' grand)? I'm free to buy fashionable trendy sweatshop clothes. Oh yeah. Free to consume lives, free to vote reform, free to get pepper sprayed the democratic way. Oh boy. Free to pay more for water than for gas but more for gas than rice to feed the world. Free to bow to your god that chains and enslaves, oh lissful day, oh boy. Free to learn in schools that teach us wrong. Not free to stand naked on my own porch. Yet I'm free to live and own land that's soaked in dead native tears, sweat and blood. oh yeah. Free to subsidize tyrannical corporate machines and then free to enterprise against them and fail. Free to trade taxes for nukes to help police the world. If not I'm free to not pass go and free to go to jail.

God bless our country, president and pope. Sgt. pepper has a knife against our throat

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