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Elevator 22

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Lyrics to Freedom Fallacy
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Last bastion of Democracy,
Nothing but a fallacy,
Ashes in your mouth
Cowardice burns in your heart

Wielding power as god
You burn not with flame
But choke the life with your word
Profit gained is a freedom lost


A profit gained
Is someone's loss
You're not a king
When peasants do not pay
Enthralled masses
Are your legacy
Purveyors of a useless
Goods fallacy

Propaganda is a dirty word,
Unless it fools your mindless herd
Life in a crystal palace,
Substitute for an unused phallus

You rape the world,
With your dollar
As you climax,
Far lands burn...
Under the pressure
Of this 'freedom'
Their screams are
Left unheard
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