Lyrics to Freedom's a Stranger
Freedom's a Stranger Video:
Back when freedom was a stranger
But it was something we felt
I found myself a girl friend
I couldn't believe it myself
We took a Chevy citation
That a friend would let us use
When we got tired of waiting
For what we wanted to do
I had her crawling up the window
She had me shaking in my seat
I could smell her on my fingers
She said I tasted so sweet
Just some West Virginia back roads
There never was much else
Jam a tape into the player
I couldn't believe it myself
Those drums they shook the speakers
The bass it shook me to the core
If the Boss had been a preacher
He could 've led us to the lord
She knew all the lyrics
And they sang so true
Just two rock n' roll spirits
With nothing better to do
Now the past it is a stranger
And I found someone else
Got car payments and a mortgage
I can't believe it myself
But I don't mind getting older
If you get smarter when you do
And the burdens that you shoulder
Well, that's what defines you
I'm sure they crushed the citation
I know the 8 track broke
We're such a complicated nation
But I still got rock n' roll
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