Free Throw Pt. Iv Lyrics

Kaleb Mitchell


Lyrics to Free Throw Pt. Iv
Can’t believe at a point I used to admire y’all
But I’m happy that we inspire y’all
Foul line wit my eyes closed, ion try at all
This lead hit your temple
You finna need more then Tylenol
I’m really in my element now
Think it’s bout that time
To start addressing elephants now
I take a look around and see
A whole lot of the style
They been reaching for the kid
Tryna peddle the files
Whole lotta coincidences, too many to count
If people knew the real you
They’d question what you about
They was tryna convince me to
Stay inside of a box
But that lane was congested
I took a different route
I’m on track now
Platform done got a little bigger
Since the last tape
It’s young... you already know the last name
I try my best not to pay attention to compliments
Cuz I don’t need convenient support
Inside the gas tank
I’m running on a decade of hunger
Plotting every winter to kill em every summer
Man the kid got it jumping
They wanna know how I does it
I just stayed true to myself and
Watched em all flock by the dozens
973 is where I came up, east coast killer
This what happens when you mix
Microphone Fiend and Thriller
I was, bread different
We can only tell y’all a part if your dreads different
Cooning for a check
No amount of dollars finna make me
Lose my self respect
Pardon me if I flex, I’m just hitting my reps
This practice for me
Half of the rappers that y’all been gassing
Is average to me
Y’all really baffling me
Adam and Eve, these snakes slithering
Tryna tempt me with fruit
Funny how they get thirsty
As soon as you got the juice
Did without a budget just undeniable truth
Hustle, determination, and
Honesty in the booth
They only animated when the
Cameras is rolling
Headshots for these actors
I’m tryna capture the moment, yeah
I’m pissed off, you’re in trouble now
Batten down the hatches
All your defenses you better double down
I’m back and better than ever
Your top five wishes they was this clever
Boy y’all better get it together
It’s young mitchell
If you’ve forgotten the name
I just hopped off the bench
Just watch how I run the game
Eleven years in it boy I’m far
From your lil buddy
They wanna ride the wave
Watch how this water get real bloody
They quick to backpedal every time
That they steal from me
Disguised as some stand up guys
Yeah they real funny, tuh
Every that time I speak
You don’t gotta question who wrote it
I could knock they whole roster off
In one fell swoop
But I just stay in the cut
And keep collecting my loot
Cuz all things work together
For those that think that they do, ya dig
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