Lyrics to Free Language Demons
Free Language Demons Video:
We have been here forever
Told to free-fall from bliss
Eager to weigh our chances
To hold our own leash
Eager to hand it over
To the first thing we see

Come win us over (x2)

Numbers carved in stone
Statues made to impress
We worship anything
That seems to suit us best
The light shines right on target
Too bad you're not saved

Come win us over (x4)

I'll do anything for love
Just tell me what it pays
I hear we're just like monkeys
So how much do they make?
Those apes are just like humans
Except they're communist

I'll win you over (I'll win you over) (x2)
I'll push you over (I'll push you over) (x2)
I'll kick you over (I'll kick you over) (x2)
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