Lyrics to Free Angel
Free Angel Video:
Rap: XXX

Overseas sound all the way surf's up
Who's having spirit kush box it ain't berks up
Skipping seasons spending holidays surplus
Last night's first flight's time to me is worthless
Got it all the blow, and then some
But was there any reason [?] I should pay attention
If you forget every single thing I mentioned

Just know I'm all out to be the next living legend
Yeah, with some stocks at Dior
And a space in the city with some birds on the floor
And whole catalogue of Italian décor
Show these little n***az how much more I have in store
But I trade it all for the right price
Let's make it so the family's alright
‘Cause what's it worth but a name and a long life?
That said, save my spot put it on ice
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