Lyrics to Freaks (Remix)
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Yeah, babie...we still freakin...Freakz Pt 2 (Play N Skillz)
Man, I wish they could free Pimp C man, so we can see all these freakz out here (Pitbull, Pitbull, Bun B, Bun B, part 2, part 2) There's so many in this world babie...pick & choose (remix)

[Verse: Bun B]
Bun B 2 be getting his creep on...
In tha bedroom getting his freak on...
Twist ya body up in all different kinda positionz rite now really can't speak on
But I can sho ya betta den tell ya...
Let it go gurl u kno I won't fail ya...
We can bust til we both stop count no more...
To the top of the moutain like Mahailya...
Like dro let me inhale ya...
Deep in the chest, deep in the lungz...
Switchin sex in between dem sheetz, I'm keeping u wet, keeping u sprung
N I luv it when u licc me babie...
From my head 2 my feet with ur tongue..
Rite now I ain't even scared 2 say it...U make me complete, ur the 1
So, don't be scared 2 let ur hair down
C'mon & take this ride...Let ur inhabitionz go...& release the freak Nside.
I can take u where u wanna go...I can show u whatchu wanna see
I can give u nething u want...Letchu be that freak u wanna be
Just keep dancing like that n front of me...

The world has too many freakz...
I can freak u in the morning, freak u in the evening, freak ya late @ nite
The world has too many freakz...
I can freak u in the morning, freak u in the evening, freak ya late @ nite
The world has too many freakz...
I can freak u in the morning, freak u in the evening, freak ya late @ nite
The world has too many freakz...
I can freak u on the counter, freak u on the table...
Freak ya rite now cuz I can't wait 2 freak u later...

[Verse: Skillz]
Yeah, yeah, yeah...Skillz
I still don't wanna...Licc, licc ya...ya'll know
Get what I want, neva trick my doe
Cum to D-town, pimpz...gotta lotta h*ez
All around the globe, in different area codez
I mite sticc 2 1, but not 2day cuz I luv my F-R-E-A-K-S...
Yes, believe I got em & I got so many u would think I bought em
Cum str8 2 the time to clown
Lemme kno from the gate if u luv that sound...
If so, I can turn it down, turn it down....Bring it bacc!!


[Verse: Pitbull]
Thank God, that the world has so many freakz that know how to wild out
& if they got a man on the low, but believe that they proz
& they kno how 2 hide out
Everybody want a freak 2 freak wid...Pitbullz the Latin version of freaknicc
So...dale loca y habre la voca
U know what 2 do...there ain't no rulez n a freak game
If u like ur hair pulled, then ur azz slap, & den hit it from the bacc
Then let it B known, all the mamaz that think they 2 good 2 get freakie
Ya'll betta B gone...But, C 2 play this game...Ya'll gotta play, play wid skillz
Is dat little Chiko Pitbull from the bottom wid dem boyz Play N Skillz..
Encouragin all the freakz 2 get out & get, get, get, get freakie...
I'm 100% freak ...Just looking 4 a freak that can get wid me...


[Verse: Play]
Yeah, I'm da playa , the playa 2 call
23'z, I'm the playa that ballz
So many freakz tha attractz dem hataz
Da boyz a pimp, but not in gatorz
& I'm da man N the 2 man band
Had 2 share a freak when I went 2 Vegas
Got a Latin chic that call me papi
Got a black chic that'll put it on me
Got a white chic that'll give me brain
So good that I swirve the lane
U want it from the bacc, I can do that 4 u
U want it all nite, I can do that 4 u
Got 4, 5 chix, yall kno my stee
4, 5 chix for my boi Bun B
4, 5 chix when they free Pimp C
Got 5 otha chix from the 4-1-3
My pimpin game is on anotha level
My watch gage is on anotha bezel
From DMX 2 club levelz @ the Roxy Club, they down 4 whateva..
Cuz I can freak a freak about tha freak den pass it to Pit so he can freak
Den pass it bacc to da rest of da crew and this is how we do it on freakz part 2
(Play N Skills)
The world has too many freakz...
(adina Howard)
Ohhhhhh... I'll take my t-shirt and my panties off... I want chu to freak me in the mornin... We can do it anyway u like...In the shower, on the counter, every hour
Songwriters: WILES, TIMOTHY P.
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