Lyrics to Freak Show
Freak Show Video:
People push me around and they call me a freak

Make fun of my friends and they say I stink

But I killed my mammy on the day I was born

Scared the doctor half to death with my antelope horn

Met the mongoose woman, that's when I was saved

A beard on her face and her pussy is shaved

Had a little baby boy and he looked like a frog

When Momma serves supper, he barks like a dog

Kick some ass tonight!

At the freak show!

Got four legs and a dick that can see

Reptile skin like a gator should be

Daddy sold me to the circus when I was three

I'm nine feel tall and half a foot wide

How much would you pay for a coat of my hide?

I live in a tent and I sleep in the hay

Ringmaster beats me with a whip all day

Brings his girl to see us, shows off his sluts

One of these days, we'll eat out his guts

Kick some ass tonight!

At the freak show!
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