Fraud In The Name Of God Lyrics

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Lyrics to Fraud In The Name Of God
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Cripples walking, blinds seeing, this a miracle
In the name of god.
Prophets of illusion knocking ar your door
Selling you the light, the price is your life, hipocrite,
You only have a god, the terrible money - GOD
Like ants searching for food, you are searching
For your fucking coin.

His prayer! (I hate)
They clame! (Lies)
You change the bible
To the virgin you deny
Heaven knows your faith
Your fucking twisted faith!

Your fat hands pick up
The money of your disciples (fools)
They are eating your shit. (All day)...
Your fluffy dics is fuckin' bitches
The gold churches everywhere
You are rotting this eath help me, save me, aid me,
For mercy's sake, help me.

Christ, messiah when will be the end of the liars?
Deceit, fraud, worms call is strong
Heaven's piece you pay
Your soul is not for sale
Mormon, you're a faker
Justice will come sooner... or later

Sacrilegious altars of immortality, unconcious
You aprove the abort
Son of the negligence, corrupt dog
You're only human and not a messenger of god
False apostle, unholy are your thoughts
Unearth your real porpuse
Pay the price, die bastard
Desire to the sire of gold

His prayer I hate......................

From over the sea
Is listened, his voice,
From over the sky,
You have no choice

As your lies fall down,
The truth will rise,
The doom's day is near,
By his wrath you die!!!

I spit your white shirt,
I kick you in your rear,
I hate you elder,
Your words aren't clear,
You dispread the death,
Your crop is bad,
You, "the allayer"
You are in his hand.

Tears in the pulpit
Filling the chalice,
But they're falses
Like your speech of lies,
Hey reverend!
Hey pharisee!
I'm not responsable
Of your insanity
Pharisee, Pharisee, Pharisee............

His prayer I hate...
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