Lyrics to Frantic
Frantic Video:

(Elton Boussen)

I can't complain

how insane, can a man like me get?

drained by the book,

that you took away thin pain inside

free, so fucking free

memory, has switched into blackened lies

Wate... so called waste,

I have made... creator of bad taste


can't you see why I plea

but I've turned into not-me

blinkness seeks, much to deep

while you just stand there and...

bringer of hope is dope

all sorts, make it go away

I grief for things, that I did myself

therefore I cut, shortcut

I'm frantic each and every day

I awake, but life remains the same

first, first I cried.

mean you died, within prosperity

cranked up inside, I still seek

the means of livin' deep

seek for the truth, fuckin' truth

wiseman tells a flop

slipped upon waste I engaged

the creator of bad taste
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