Lyrics to Frankie Lymon
Frankie Lymon Video:
Ayo Fiends falling out
I can show you what this K about
I can show you what this yay about
I'm beyond baller shit where the weigh about
Dropped three classics in one year
My son did five in the box
Ain't no sun there
Roses on the Gucci polo
Shot up his whole block on my dolo
Miami color with Geiger's
Keep thinking that this shit rhyming
You work that bullshit
You be dancing on it like Frankie Lymon
I'm fucking back to back bitches like
Frankie Lymon
The Mac 12 pirate black
All head shots he looking like he took a nap
720 in my Caesar
Hush money they caught amnesia
You don't even please her
I hit it out the park like Ken Griffey Senior
You'll be down there singing like Frankie Lymon
He told on his set now that nigga family dying
Shit got him crying

If it's an issue I address the sucka niggas
Get the Heckler off the dresser
Go and check the sucka niggas
I'm not impressed with other niggas
Even XXL know
They can't have The Machine around
Them Freshman cover niggas man
Fuck your top list
Fuck your blog
Fuck your podcast
Fuck your interview
Fuck your all nigga
Fuck your magazine and your radio show
You know I dump the magazine if you play with me though
They say Machine wildin'
Nah that's just the way that he go
I keep some young niggas around me
That'll spray for me though
Only been in the game a year
But did it majorly though
That's why these washed niggas hating me though
They know I ain't from a borough or project
But I just dropped the thoroughest project
And recorded it with a bullet in my neck
I used to sell hard from off the top step
Now I'm on top of the game
They say I got next
Niggas can't fuck with the shit that I jot
Aim the fifth at your top
Nigga bet I'm hitting that spot
These niggas hot cause they wishing they can get what I got
As quick as I got that shit that's why they sick when they watch
From the side that pride killing you
You wishing you can get to my spot
Which is the top
You wish you can make the shit that I drop
Everywhere i go the blickey is copped
Pussy nigga you can get your shit rocked nigga
Machine bitch
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