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Look what I've gone and done!

I've this stupid ugly son

That looks like someone who works at a bank

I guess I'll call him Frank

My name is Frank and I'm a national man

I wanna help you with my data

I used to be a teller at a Wells-Fargo bank

But I'm a hero, and my name is Frank

My disciples spread my fame

Everybody's gonna know my name

Seems like I'm never alone

Everybody seems to want my bone

I'm not fascinating (x4)

I'm not fascinating (x5)

Jolene broke out of Santereta

She was a foxy mommasita

She went to some bars and drank

Then hitched a Frisco to see Frank

She knew frank was the only one

They'd grown up together in Pleasantown

But Frank's sudden fame

Put an end to the childhood games

The door was blocked by a groupie

Some blonde chick with a nose like Snoopy

She said Jolene could not come in

Jolene hit her with a 5th of gin

I've got Frank t-shirts, buttons too!

Don't forget the video!

Buy this book by my son,

It'll teach you how to get it on

Hi everyone My name is Frank

You know I've got you all to thank

For making me the new messiah

And showing me your fond desire

You dont need no shrink

Just listen to Frank!

You all got problems I can help you with

Mankie pleshan is a frustrating myth

Jolene said Frank what is this shit

I always knew you were a twit

I guess I'll go down to the mission

Get a burrito and do some bitching

Frank said Jolene please don't go

Stay and watch my video

We can go to my place for some popcorn

And Listen to Lightning Hopkins

Frank was so bummed he set himself on fire

Which blew his career as a messiah

Just then, Frank's mom tried to break Jolene's arm

Let go of me bitch your son's a jerk

Let go of me bitch, what the fuck?

I'm on fire

I'm burning for you

I'm a marter

Just like Carter

And it's true

I thought I was fab,

Guess I'm just a rehab

I'm flammable too

Your love is burning me like a cig

I thought I was cool but I'm just a pig

It's Frank's world, the rest of us just live in it (x3)
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