Lyrics to Frances
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I bought him at Thrift Town for sixty-five cents.

If I had a kingdom he would be my prince.

His cuteness is too much for my tolerance.

Frances I love you.

He's got a thick neck and his fur is brown,

I don’t need a blanket when he's around,

I once was lost but with him I'm found,

Frances I love you

Put me in prison and put me in his cubicle,

If he was on my fingertip he'd be the cuticle,

If he is the nucleus, I'm the particle,

Frances T. Bear how'd you get so radical?

Oh why'd you take Frances away? oh-ee-ay-oh

Why couldn't you let him stay? oh-ee-ay-oh

Oh why'd you take Frances away? oh-ee-ay-oh

Oh Frances, I love you


Yeah, me and Frances got a special kind of love,

It fits just right; it feels like a glove,

I hope when I die that I see him up above,

Frances you're the one I'm dreaming of.

I bought him at thrift town for sixty-five cents,

He’s cuter than the artist formerly known as prince,

And he'd never make a joke at my expense,

Frances I love you!

Well, I gave him to a girl, who was really sweet,

And now you know that she's sweet on me,

And when I'm over he's between the sheets,

Frances I love you!

So now the time came for me and Frances to part...

Come on Frances; you knew it would be like this from the very start

I just can't bear, to give you my heart.

Frances I miss you
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