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Lyrics to Fourteen Years In Rowville
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You can go and buy a shottie
Hold up the local TAB
Or steal a few VCRs
Or try a smash and grab
You won't be getting half the loot
Your lawyer Q.C. will
You may as well obey the law
I sentence you to Rowville

I sentence you
to fourteen years in Rowville

Why shoot a man in Reno
Just to watch him die?
Go down to the casino
To see a deadened eye
It sure won't be Lloyd Williams
Who hears the judge's will
"citizen, for obedience
I sentence you to Rowville."

For crime against the person
The tabloid press will shout
The animal be locked away
And never let him out
For crime against property
You have to pay the bill
For crime against the spirit
I sentence you to Rowville
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