Lyrics to Four Walls
Four Walls Video:
Sorting through the ruins of this dying world
we'll pick up all of the pieces
burn the bridges with the ones who doubted us
now is our time to shine
from now until the end of our lives

this is our judgement day
we'll scale the walls that stand in our way

unanswered questions are all that remain
of the places we came from
we won't let go so easily

survivors of a dying breed
we are the future
we live to save this earth
the architects of a virgin world

sever the ties
with all you've learned in this life

as the scene unfolds outside in the cold
we remain unseen
silence on our lips, in our fingertips
we don't dare to move
hiding from the past, how long can we last
before we give in
sleeping just to dream, tearing at the seems
could this be the end

we are determined vessels
we're wading in a sea of loss and fleeting hope
this world will never be the same
and we want it that way
we were made to reach this far

sacrifice everything for a chance to be heard
your voice is all you have in the end
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