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Lyrics to Four-Color Love Story
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Another day at work is nearly over
You must've seen the whole thing on T.V.
Seventeen more city blocks and I can almost smell you
Waiting at the windowsill for me
It's our 41st anniversary
But we don't look a day over 23
Not in this life
Not in this universe

And we were still in high school when I met you
If you believe the continuity
I rescued you from robots and untied you from the tracks
And you pretended not to know that it was me
We didn't even kiss until issue 26
And this world still feels like 1963
I love this life
I love this universe

And you'll keep my identity a secret
And you will know the touch beneath my glove
And I may go out every night and risk my life for strangers
But you're the only girl I'll ever love
And Gwen Stacy isn't dead, she's only sleeping
And Elektra isn't evil or insane
And those bastards in the pentagon can't really kill Sue Dibney
No more than they could kill off Lois Lane
And I swear to god there'll be hell to pay
If anybody tries to take you away
Forget this life
Forget this universe
You're everything I need
You are my life
You are my universe
And they'll have to go through me
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