Lyrics to Foundation
Foundation Video:
Glorious be to the most high Jah! Rastafari Woa na na na na na nigh Hey yuh see Sly & Robbie A just Selassie I send dem (Well) Play music fi heathen (Well) See di Christian we call dem (Yeh) Cuz-a di devil control dem (Sly) A Selassie I send dem (Well) Caw music a fi play dem (Yeah) Mr. Robbie him a bass dem (Well) Taxi Gang come tell dem seh dat (Dai!) (I!) (Dada buy I) Die yie yie yie Well Mr. Sly (Well!) Music we a play an we a tramp over jungle Trample down a ((Teegee?)) Rema man we a talk to All Rema man unu fi cool an unu fi humble Put down all di guns an leave di chain an all di bangle Caw Selassie I well we ready fi we people All rasta man an bobo man we all a talk to Sly dem a play we a licking out di evil Come on Taxi Gang come play a fi di (Die!) (Buy!) (Dada ba die!) (Music man!) (Da!) Yuh know what (Taxi Gang!) Ah Selassie I send dem (Well) Music fi lik di heathen (Dem) All di Christian we call dem (Well) Cuz-a di devil control dem (But) Long time we a tell dem seh fi no carnival Dem waan mix Rastaman in dem bacchanal Chu Mr. Sly him a foundation Dats why we play di music fi each and every- (Ba!) (Die!) (Simida!) (Simida!) (Simidii!) (Yow!) Yo yo yo Music we a play yes a we run di route Music we a play fi all di man dem dung a south Hear say Mr. Sly and Taxi Gang run di route Yuh nuh hear di music dem a bawl out Mission impossile And a teach people Play fi all di dumb, di deaf, di blind and all di cripple (Oh!) Mr.Sly how yuh humble nah yuh rumble Because we too comfortable so we tell dem A King Selassie I send dem (Well) Taxi Gang come fi warn dem (Well) Music ((under)) heathen (Well) Di bobo control dem (Well) Trample di Christian, An di beast a albashan Dis rastaman Don't yuh know seh yuh ever wrong Mr. Sly play di music from 19 (How long) Dem a play fi Bob Marley, Peter ((and di tosh)) How much how dem fi dis We when yuh know seh we nuh nervous A foundation, a we dig di land, A wi set di plan anna wi buy the ((corner?))((goat, now?)) ((Oh na?)) Look how long we a warn dem (Seh ) King Selassie I a call dem (Yeh) But true di devil control dem An di bwoy dem never listen (Seh) Mr.Sly a seh, Beenie Man a seh Taxi Gang ((appear dem)) (Die!) (Buy!) (Similaba!) (Similaba!) (Similaba!) Wo na na na na Yo yo yo Yo Dis yah one yah pass January morning From now we a give out di warning Some bwoy a fi gon try do some farming Mr. Sly a music we playing Well from now bad man is talking Well Taxi Gang don't you know dem run di ((?)) And don't yuh know seh a we have di engine Well follow Beenie Man and sing Oh na na Oh na na Na na na Oh na nana na Na na nana na na Die yie yie Ya never see dis yet Yo DJ a instrumental combination Yuh neva see di history commit pon di land Hear say Mr. Sly an Beenie Man an Taxi Gang Hear say Mr. ((Bolvee)) yuh a foundation Hear say lyrics stop because dem know yuh are di don Yuh a sing song from 19 how long

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