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Truth's are all lies The commons I Despise They really didn't do it for me A greased palm over here get's you something over there Doesn't honesty count for anything? I can hear it ring Libery for me, Can't you hear it ring? God damn deaf! One of the masses...YUCK! Demeaning, demeaning What's the meaning? Why do Jackasses and Dumbos fight? Something's not right A political cival war, unrest! I think some bastard father said it best "GROW THE HELL UP!" Go get a life! 'bout the bout it's a common intervention Unity and confussion A twisted messed up invention Mock the mocked who follwed the flock Who never really picked up on what life's about! He is wrong, who answers the answers Question not me but all the questions Gesture a finger, he laid one on me Pressure the man, for his lies lay in our plans To score one in the forum A fucking peice of the pie It's amazing the arrogence which comes with a suit and tie A degree allows some degress of free bullshit to spill To never swallow pride for it's a mighty big pill Paranoia strikes with the check in the mail Liberty without the cash, watch the freedom set sail Out of your life, you get no remorse Relinquish you humility with all force

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