Lyrics to Forsaken
Forsaken Video:
I remember, a long time ago.
An endless nightmare, I was forsaken
By this cold winter night, I was walking through nowhere
Following a strange path, just present in my soul.
No more lies, no more tears, in my eyes.
No more lies, no more tears, you see the fear.
Desolated landscapes, dark clouds in the sky.
No life anywhere, no more, no more colours.
The only voices I heard,
Was the cold breeze of the winter wind.
Which blew in my long hair, I was frozen by terror.
For one second, I wished you were at my side.
But the whistle of the wind reminds me the truth.
I am forsaken, my god is dead.
Forsaken, forsaken, forsaken, I am forsaken.
Entering this kingdom of terror,
I am now one with the night
I have to escape this unholy land, I shall find the force.
No one listened at my cries,
No one saw the tears in my eyes.
Enwrapped by Darkness, Death shall no longer wait...
Please God, hear my prayers,
End this nightmare and wake me
Tell me now I'm not forsaken, It's a dream, not my reality
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