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Lyrics to Forgotten Sorrows
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Don't cry for me, how easy love has gone.
Try to see, how deep my despair is
Come the winds of fate and time
Take all my tearful memories

Call out to thee sing your name is sweet harmony
But only echoes fade away
Crying breeze to thee ever moment with chiming wind
Where has gone silent tears

Don't sigh for me, your hate rings false to me
Try to see, the shards of history
Darkness fills my heart and I
Laugh loud at all that's passed us by
Call out to thee sing your name is sweet harmony
The wind blows endlessly

Roaming around whirling world rough breath in dark
Cruel blades and tears in sorrowful days
Bumming away hollow hopes wrong pray for god
Where the angels has gone so I need
Weep myself out gently, in a blind

Please come to me, come dusk the past will flee.
Try to see, the new dawn brings hope faintly
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