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Lyrics to Forget You First
Forget You First Video:
Well hey,
You're gone again tonight
We finished up our fight
It's over now
But that's alright

So don't,
Come back to me
I can't hear your apologies
Your voice is silent now you see

I hope,
You feel the guilt and pain
I relish in your suffering
But now it all leads back to me

I fall,
Back to memories
Of your false identities
I've given up my hope
This one last time

You've grown up and I've grown on
I left this place, I'm far beyond
I misplaced the words I meant to say
It doesn't even matter anyway
Now we're finished, done, and through
Listen closely these words are true
Time has surpassed the beginning we created
The end is now, done, and faded

Forget me once again
You took my voice outside you head
But it's too bad that I don't care
Cause I forgot you first
Instead I made it your worst
But now time has passed and you finished last

Refrain 2x
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