Lyrics to Forget Tomorrow
Forget Tomorrow Video:
Lonely nights like an endless spire,
They don't take me higher;
They just bring me down.
Frozen heart
Maybe I could love you.
If you feel the coldness you could sit by me.

Please don't go,
Stay and close the door.
Stretch the night out,
Forget tomorrow.

It was bright 'til he brought the darkness,
When I saw him pass without a single word.
Fragile heart
And I tried to love him
But I couldn't love him.
Maybe I can't love.

So, my friend
Can't we just pretend?
Live the moment,
Forget our sorrows.

It's the sound, and the words your mouth make,
All the stories you fake,
And they're just for me.
It's your heart, and the way I see you,
And the way you see me.
Maybe we could love.

Please don't go,
Stay and close the door.
Live the moment,
Forget tomorrow.
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