Forget Just Anything Lyrics

Ainara LeGardon

In The Mirror

Lyrics to Forget Just Anything
Forget Just Anything Video:
My songs are safe inside your ears,
as safe as they can be.
Your words are clean washed by my tears,
as clean as they can be.

You can remember everything,
you don´t need my help to live again.
Just close your eyes and think of me
as you´ve been doing for years.

Your kiss is fresh inside my heart,
as fresh as it can be.
No one can steal such a memory.

I can remember everything,
don´t need no help to live again.
I just close my eyes and think of you
as I´ve been doing for years.

And I won´t forget just anything,
you know I won´t forget a single sin.
I just close my eyes and think of you and me
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