Lyrics to FOREVER
colors set sail for someone else's face.
the lifeguard played you out again.
the only deep end is in your stomach now
and all of the danger is pretend.
to live for summer is to die on august nights when
he doesn't even know you're here.
ditch the bonfire and the tawny hangers-on.
your real friends are gathering out past the pier.
the air is impure. the sand is insecure
but the sea is on your side.

jone's beach princess
payback has its place
so make like neptune for a change.
stir the deep dark
sick the ocean on itself.
don't rely on their kindness anymore
'cause unrequited love has fifteen rows of teeth.
it sneaks up from beneath and pulls him under, lays him at your feet.
revenge is bitter sweet, but it's something you can hold onto.
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