Lyrics to Forever December
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I reach within my isolation,
I harbor it, I honor it
You say you'd like to see me closer,
Of course you would, you have no choice

(intro to chorus)
And I cry cause the weather has gotten to me, and I laugh at the people that I can't be,
All their lives,
Silly pictures

Hey now now now, hey now hey baby
Baby's getting older
Hey now now now hey now hey baby
The tide is turning, turning us away,

You build the wall I'll build the fountain,
We'll wrestle it,
We'll conquer it
I think we'll live to see the mountain
Of course we will
We have no choice

(intro to chorus)

And I can remember
Forever december,
The center of dying,
The heart of the pain
The rose in the bottle,
The thorns in the bottom
The stars surround me, the cold astounds me

(intro to chorus)
Songwriters: Yale, Brian / Thomas, Robert Kelly / Goff, John / Stanley, John Joseph
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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