Lyrics to Forceable Smiling
Forceable Smiling Video:
God will you set these broken bones?
The car is speeding now, and sometimes I'll catch myself dreaming of headlights at the next intersection.
and I bit my lip, sat up straight, and I still got lost.
One man, one kid, one boy can only take so much.
So I'm singing now;
Did you finally turn your eyes to the west?
Did you save the orphans from the untaught mess?
God will you pick me up?
It's a sea of endless distance. Get someone close to me.
Im throwing my hands to catch the nearest rope,
Buried 10 feet deep under life's mistakes.
The short straw is drawn. Better move your feet.
So I'm singing now:
Love is always out of reach,
This understanding runs too deep.
God will you give mercy to the beaten?
Too many pounds of pressure are applied with loneliness.
Those late night conversations dissolve into a wish.
and I burnt my fingers on a cold cold world.
and in my sorrow I found beauty in a broken heart.
So I'm singing now:
Endless miles of a tragedy
all end with forceable smiling.
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